What are people saying:

"On behalf of the clients I wanted to thank you for your Creating Happiness presentation. Our clients enjoyed it and were impressed by your sensitivity and support. One member told me it took courage for you to speak about your journey and that it impressed him."

Jeanette - Haven House

Jeremy's story is an inspiring one; one that will motivate and encourage an audience of all ages. His experiences and challenges and how he overcame them are unique to Jeremy, yet are themes in which everyone can relate to. It is truly refreshing to hear about his beautiful family, and his admirable life goals and current work that he does, especially considering all of the battles he has faced in life. Our teens at the Boys & Girls Club Teen Center definitely benefited from his motivating visit, and we are so grateful for his time and dedication to serving the kids. Jeremy is 100% heart, and has even returned to the Teen Center to help coach the kids with basketball. Thank you, Jeremy!

Ari - Boys & Girls Club of Allentown

"Your motivational speaking is very insightful and encouraging. You really know how to connect with your audience. Keep on speaking, teaching and reaching, you are changing lives for the good."

Leone - Creating Happiness Attendee